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As the other reply mentions, you will find no required coaching for C++ at Google. Nonetheless, initial-time interns have about an hour-extended mandatory education in their 1st week, which is primarily based on a Codelab for Google's testing frameworks. You have a option of your desired programming language (C++, Java, Python, and many others.) and, based on your decision, you are paired with another intern, offered a one machine with two keyboards and mice and anticipated to comprehensive the Codelab jointly. This is not the most instructive training you would get, but it's the closest I came to Google's C++ frameworks in the 1st week.

It is unlikely you will get time and sources to understand C++ from scratch, but if you have your principles correct, there are a ton of sources to discover from:
Developer Handbook: It describes what subset of C++ characteristics are utilised, together with the justification for employing or not using each feature. Features of C++eleven are becoming little by little opened up for use following seeking at their execs and cons.
C++ Style Guide: Publicly offered as http://google-styleguide.googlec..., the design guidebook embodies a whole lot of typical knowledge from skilled developers. It truly is the most cited document in code reviews.
c++ bootcamp london and other internet pages: Some Googlers are inclined to create down their opinions about programming design, greatest practices and other acquired knowledge about interior technologies. You can frequently see equally sides of an argument argued on different web pages, and in the long run it truly is up to you or your group to pick the correct technique.
Codelabs: These are mini-tutorials to get you up and operating in a specific engineering. Aside from Google internal technologies (Protocol Buffers being a single publicly known case in point), there are a number of Codelabs on C++ best techniques, like successful string use, multithreading, and so forth.
Code Testimonials: These are one of the most beneficial sources if your reviewer is good sufficient to include personal ordeals and anecdotes, or cites documents like the type manual or the C++ FAQ (mine was). I extensively enjoyed my code evaluations simply because my mentor typically gave exciting insights into why certain things are completed the way they are.
Code Look for: 1 of the benefits of getting at Google is that you have access to the whole codebase, even as an intern. For specific inner technologies, the code is your only source of documentation and you frequently stop up on Wikipedia-like excursions via the source. The code lookup team does some gorgeous code evaluation, making it truly simple to navigate the source code and find out how particular issues are carried out. You can do critically challenging queries to (for example) uncover the specific use case of a specified perform. It will get rid of a lot of frustrations folks feel when doing work on a new codebase.

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