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The head may be reanimated anyplace across Gielinor only if the spell is solid on the top while it is nonetheless on the bottom. Once the head has been picked up, it have to be taken to the Dark Altar in Arceuus to be reanimated. The head can also be sacrificed to the Dark Altar north of Arceuus, granting 2,500 Prayer experience. The head obtained is far larger than the head of the actual demon.
You can load the item and/or monster database and course of item objects, monster objects, and their properties. I would thoroughly appreciate any suggestions relating to the osrsbox-db project, particularly problems with the inaccuracies of the info supplied. So when you discover any downside with the accuracy of item property information, could you please let me know. If you want to learn more about [1] here. The similar goes for any found bugs, or if you have a specific characteristic request.

If you have a look on the Wikia API V1 documentation page you will find very limited options. I initially stopped pondering that I may use an API to query the OSRS Wiki after reading the Wikia API documentation as a result of the performance of the Wikia API was too restricted. And MediaWiki has an excellent API, and glorious API documentation. Since the OSRS Wiki left Wikia, this doesn’t matter anymore… Nevertheless, the brand new OSRS Wiki additionally uses MediaWiki. This Wiki stuff could seem apparent for many people, however I had never really been uncovered to wikis and had by no means installed or managed one.