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As a child,'Balto'was one of my personal favorite cartoons, which I'd been ready to look at repeatedly, admiring the main character, a half-wolf who saved the complete area of Alaska from a horrible epidemic. I watched animated Balto (1995) movie on #link# free online.

Later, I learned that this legendary story is founded on real events that happened in the winter months of 1925. But in fact, Balto was a regular husky, although he did provide you with the medicine to Noom, having traveled many kilometers inside of a severe blizzard. Why was everything done a little bit differently with the cartoon? To result in the plot seem more interesting for the kids, or ...

Such thoughts did start to come in me quite recently, when I accidentally reviewed the well-known and beloved Soviet cartoon'The Dog in Boots '. And ... I came across in him significant similarities with'Balto ': a mongrel dog, despised because of the majority, goes to use a high risk mission regarding his three friends (Balto also has three advisors: Boris the goose as well as bear cubs), and he does it not really much for the sake of people, etc., as well as the happiness of his beloved (for Balto, this really is Jena - a purebred husky). Also, bigger an enemy who's going to stop him from working at any cost. Doesn't it appear like anything? Honestly: in'Balto'there is a scene when Steele (his very enemy) does not attack the opponent himself, but lets his friends on him, in order that'his paws do not get dirty '. And fogged headlights is evenly important: if at the outset of the road every one of the four are together, then, due to circumstances, Balto continues his difficult path on his own, as befits an accurate'Lone Wolf '.

In the long run, of course, Balto succeeds: he offers the medicine punctually, turns into a hero and finds the love of the gorgeous Jena ... movies And it is wonderful: That i smiled when I watched this touching moment. However, now ... movie review Well, maybe I read Dumas novels, but ... In my opinion, this cartoon may be a little copied from The Dog in Boots, which, everbody knows, parodies The Three Musketeers. However, it doesn't prevent me from firmly delivering this masterpiece

10 of 10