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When one of the documentaries included with the DVD special edition of "Goodfellas" Hughes brothers spoke about the novelty and original technical solutions Scorsese, kwitowałem ironic smile expression lords responsible for high average "From hell".
Sincere thought that the two brothers blacks never approach a big American classic. I had to verify its opinion after the screening "The Book of Eli." At the beginning of the latest film starring Denzel Washington promised to be a typical image of a post-apocalyptic thriller in which a brave warrior way through the destroyed world.

It is true, of course, in the "Book" can be uświadczyć decent number of shares at the highest level, and all that in the film sensational necessary, however, this picture has viewers a lot more to offer already, "The Road" proved that the ruins of the old world for unique to spin theories about current social problems, conflicts and other serious world issues. Hughes Brothers film largely concerns matters of faith.
Love in the Time of Cholera
At the same time breaks with the recently fashionable criticism of the Catholic Church and shows the image of a man deeply religious. In a sense, the story picture shows two sides of a coin as religion, at the same time showing how much really depends on the interpretation and the power of man's free will. The two extreme points of view of religion teach his expressive acting, two excellent actors - Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, who they created interesting characters thoroughbred.
It is a pity that the British actor so rarely appears on screen lately, because his charisma still manages to get the viewer's attention. In addition to the main duo shines in the background also Mila Kunis, which proves that it has much more to offer than a large, shapely breasts. Who knows if it is not currently the closest to becoming the successor JolieAngeliny Angelina Jolie. The film also does not lack anything in the visual, "The Book of Eli" is a veritable feast for the eye. It is not only about great images, perfectly matched colors, but an extremely intriguing and dynamic camera movements, through which long shots are extremely interesting and varied. Not to scare anyone, calm down, that there is no place for sequences in the style of "operator epileptic" as it was in przesławnym "The Hurt Locker." You can see that the developers know exactly what they want to show and have devised precisely every scene. Although sometimes the action scenes on the screen a lot of things going on, it is not possible to get lost and you can easily enjoy the spectacular explosions and refined choreography of fighting. And only in the framework of decency admonish that the main theme music film makes a very positive impression. In the end, "The Book of Eli" is the work complete. There is no weak points, and everything is at a very high, even Oscar-winning level. Hughes Brothers significantly tried and created a great piece, but at the same time ambitious commercial cinema. Good storyline and acting goes hand in hand with great technical setting.
Living in the film Almodovar
All this results in a film, which in my humble opinion, not worthy of the same Martin Scorsese. .